Become a Guide

What Do Volunteer Guides Do?

The Musicians On Call's Volunteer Guide escorts Volunteer Musicians from room-to-room during MOC's Bedside Performance Programs within hospitals or healthcare facilities. Volunteer Guides ask patients if they feel like hearing a song and introduce the musicians prior to their performances at patients' bedsides and, occasionally, in common areas (e.g., playrooms, dining rooms, etc.). You do not need to be musically inclined or a performer to be a Volunteer Guide, you just need to have a passion for music as part of the healing process.

The Volunteer Guide is the "eyes and ears" of MOC during the Bedside Performance Program as well as the liaison between the hospital and the Volunteer Musician. But most importantly, Volunteer Guides know the protocols, policies and expectations of the hospitals or healthcare facilities in which they volunteer and are responsible for making sure these guidelines are upheld during the program. Volunteer Guides are critical to the success of the program. Each Volunteer Guide is assigned to a specific hospital or healthcare facility. MOC provides on-site training to help the Volunteer Guides gain a level of comfort as they interact with the musicians, caregivers, patients, and their family and friends.

Become a Musician

What Do Volunteer Musicians Do?

Musicians On Call's Volunteer Musicians deliver the healing power of music by going bed-to-bed to perform acoustically for patients, their families and staff during MOC's Bedside Performance Program. Musicians On Call serves patients from a wide demographic including infants to the elderly affected by conditions that keep them hospitalized overnight, or alternatively, hospice or long-term care. Volunteer Musicians are never alone and are always accompanied by a trained MOC Volunteer Guide who is familiar with each hospital's protocols and procedures. While nearly all performances are in patients' rooms, occasionally a musician may play for small groups (in the lobby, dining room, etc.).